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10 Best Things to Do In Wirral

Wirral Peninsula Wirral Peninsula (commonly called Wirral) was in existence for at least 7,000 years BC and has evidence of human prehistory in the region. Since the time, Wirral has been settled by the Celts and the Romans and The Britons as well as the Norse which has given it its long and rich heritage.

Wirral is famous for its stunning coast, lush countryside and vibrant towns. It is brimming with history, delicious local cuisine, and welcoming people, there’s plenty to see and do in Wirral. Here are a few of the best activities in the region.

1. Wirral Peninsula

Wirral Peninsula

Wirral is sandwiched between Rivers Dee and Mersey, creating an entire peninsula. Wirral also is home to the best coastline, and has numerous walking and cycle trails for the more adventurous tourists.

Explore the beautiful countryside of Wirral by taking these walks or join a local walking club to discover more about Wirral’s history of nature from the locals. For those who love to be outdoors there’s the Wirral Coast Walk, an organized walk of 15 miles that takes you through the most important coastal towns.

The Wirral coastline is a must-see and admiring the breathtaking views across the ocean is an important part of any visit to the area.

2. Birkenhead Priory

Birkenhead Priory

Birkenhead Priory was the first building standing in Merseyside that is located on the side of the Wirral that is closest to River Mersey. It was built in 1150. The priory was home to monks who managed the original Mersey Ferry.

Today, you can visit the church and wander through hundreds of years of historical records. The museum is on site that traces the past of the priory as well as its neighboring Tower of St Mary’s and chapter house.

The priory also holds regular events, such as concerts and Viking Re-enactments, so make certain to check the calendar at the time you stop by.

3. Lady Lever Art Gallery

Lady Lever Art Gallery

Lady Lever Art Gallery is located in a stunning 1922 structure in a serene setting. It houses an impressive selection of British art and contemporary art of Ancient Rome, China and Greece. You can see work of artists like Gainsborough, Constable and Frith.

There are paintings as well as furniture, tapestries as well as sculpture, making it some of the best collection of art made from jasper. The gallery also has a wide-ranging schedule of events that include temporary exhibits as well as performances, talks, and more happening every week.

Get away from the amazing art by enjoying hot food at the cafe. Pick up an item of souvenir or an artwork book in the store.

4. Fort Perch Rock

Fort Perch Rock

Fort Perch Rock was originally constructed in the 1920s to serve to serve as a defense construction in Fort Perch Rock was originally constructed in the 1920s to protect Port of Liverpool in Wirral. Fort Perch Rock has distinctive architecture and has a fascinating story, however it was not used for defense after the end of WWII.

Today, Fort Perch Rock is enjoyed by locals and visitors alike as a tourist destination as well as a performance venue. The fort is home to theatre and musical events, shows and much more.

There’s even a museum that is on site, which will let you know the more about Wirral’s maritime past and radio communications over the oceans.

5. Williamson Art Gallery and Museum

Williamson Art Gallery and Museum was established in 1928 to serve as a place to store an extensive collection of art and other historical objects, including works by T.S. Cooper, Wilson Steer and local artists.

The gallery is famous for its extensive collection of British watercolors as well as its stunning collection of Della Robbia pottery that is unique to the region. The museum investigates local and maritime heritage of Wirral.

There’s a cafe available serving tea and snacks and regular events like classes in art, life drawing sessions and temporary exhibits.

6. Hilbre Island

Hilbre Island is a gorgeous island that is located near the River Dee, nestled on the border between England and Wales. Hilbre Island was the home of people since prehistoric times . Historical artefacts such as Roman pottery have been discovered at Hilbre Island in the past.

The island’s visitors are able to access it even when the tide is gone, to discover the past as well as beauty on the Island. There is a bird observation area situated on the island, where it is possible to spot wildlife native to the island including oystercatchersand the terns in purple and purple sandpipers.

Hilbre Island is a peaceful spot to enjoy a sun-filled day, and is a wonderful opportunity to observe Wirral’s wildlife.

7. Wirral Transport Museum & Heritage Tramway

The Wirral Transport Museum provides an amazing look into the world of transportation history. It has many antique vehicles on display. You can see old-fashioned trams, buses, motorbikes, cars and even the fire engine.

There are numerous displays on local transportation and a 26-foot long model railway, as well as an actual 1930s garage model to be enjoyed by visitors.

Enjoy a ride in the Baby Grand Tram, which has been awarded Tram of the Year and is the last tram of its type in the nation. It is the Wirral Transport Museum a dazzling celebration of British transportation.

8. Ness Botanic Gardens

The Ness Botanic Gardens is the perfect sanctuary in the bustling Wirral. You will find stunning plants, beautifully manicured trees and shrubs on a hill overlooking the Dee Estuary. The gardens have been in existence since 1898. They contain a staggering 15,000 species of plants from around the globe. Within the beautiful landscape, you can discover a rock garden as well as cafés that serve food and cakes throughout the day.

It is also home to the Ness Botanic Gardens also hosts concerts in the summer and guided tours, where you can discover more about the beautiful plants that are on display.

9. Take the Mersey Ferry

It is the Mersey Ferry is among Wirral’s most popular landmarks, with a daily service to ferry passengers over the River Mersey. The ferry was in operation from the beginning of time in the 12th century. It was established by monks of Birkenhead Priory. Birkenhead Priory.

Ferries have taken on a variety of forms, ranging from rowboats and steam ferries and are well-loved by locals and tourists alike even today. Enjoy the historical journey across the River Mersey or join a cruise on the river. The Mersey Ferry is a must during your visit to Wirral and is the perfect spot to enjoy stunning views of the surrounding area.

10. Dee Estuary

The Dee Estuary is a large body of water that is formed through the River Dee flowing into Liverpool Bay. The estuary is a favorite among nature and outdoor enthusiasts since it is a favorite location for waterfowl from the local area and has stunning views over the lake.

There are many birds like the gulls, sandpipers, and Owls. There are also walks that allow visitors to walk closer to wildlife and relax at the edge of water.

The Dee Estuary is a lovely location to enjoy a day.

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