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10 Best Things to Do in Birmingham (UK)

Birmingham is situated in Birmingham is located in the West Midlands, a county with a distinct charm. With 1,101,360 inhabitants as of 2014, it is the most populous city that isn’t London and also the biggest. This is because it has attracted the attention of an enormous range of tourists from all over the globe. The heart of the city began with its participation in the Industrial Revolution, where it was able to be at the forefront of technological advancements. It is now a magnet for those who are creative and innovative and stimulates their minds with many parks, museums and stunning music halls. Explore more about the experiences you could experience in Birmingham by reading this list of most memorable 25 best attractions to visit!

1. Symphony Hall

Symphony Hall

This hall truly shows the tremendous inventiveness and imagination that has contributed to the making of Birmingham the city it is in the present. It’s not just the most beautiful concert hall in the United Kingdom and venue, but it’s also widely regarded as an amongst the best anywhere in the world. With its beautiful auditorium, stunning amazing acoustics that shouldn’t be left out. It not only hosts some of the top orchestras in the world, but it also hosts a stunning program featuring a wide range of music, ranging from jazz to rock and stand-up comedy! It truly has plenty to offer everyone in this stunning building. given that it plays an event of one kind or another each day, it’s worth a glance at the events that could be taking place in the event you decide to visit.

2. National Motorcycle Museum

National Motorcycle Museum

Source: flickr National Motorcycle Museum

With more than 1000 bikes which have been restored to the manufacturer’s specifications from the beginning The Birmingham located museum draws more than 250,000 visitors per year from all over the globe. The first model in the museum’s 30 year history dates back to 1898, and is a standout from the other machines in the museum, which also houses the latest superbikes. With over 1000 bikes inside the museum, it’s worthwhile to visit. It showcases the work and dedication of the family who put their energy to create the museum they dreamed of more than three years ago. The museum is worth a visit for those who are interested in stunning motorcycles.

3. National Sea Life Centre

National Sea Life Centre

Source: UK Family Break National Sea Life Centre

As the most adored family day trip in Birmingham The National Sea Life Centre has been able to earn its place at the top of this list. We all know how difficult it is to keep kids entertained while traveling, and with them becoming bored at the stroke of a pen. This attraction will definitely keep their minds entertained. With a variety of events happening throughout the year , there is every day something happening at the children’s center that range including Dinosaur Detective events to events that feature their top of the line interactive rock pools.

Inside the massive tanks are numerous species including Jellyfish and Nurse Sharks, Octopi to Black Tip Reef Sharks, it is possible to walk along an area with glass roofs, and walk under an aquarium filled with the creatures. However, over the last several months, they’ve launched an experience that will bring children to tears and will show the splendor of the Antarctic landscape…and Gentoo Penguins.

You can sit and be amazed at the wit and humour of the feathered creatures. It is also be noted that you can purchase VIP dining experiences inside the centre, however regular packages begin with PS12.50 per person. They go up to include items like collectibles and photos packs.

4. Damascena Coffee House

Damascena Coffee House

In the middle of Birmingham the beautiful tiny delicatessen is fast gaining an excellent reputation for itself. If you’re in Birmingham’s city centre, it’s worthwhile to stop by, even to grab a drink. When you enter, you’ll immediately feel an authentic Middle Eastern atmosphere that this coffee shop provides

. They have friendly waiters who are happy to offer suggestions if you need them and they also accommodate a variety of needs in the area of diet. It’s widely recognized to be also considered to be one of the cheapest restaurants to eat within the city. If you’re simply stopping by for a hot drink, it’s not going to cost much more than PS3 or PS4.

5. Shakespeare Express

Shakespeare Express

Steam trains are among the most prestigious British institutions, with only few steam railways operating in England. It is one of the most famous ones and has awed visitors with its splendour. It runs from the center of Birmingham up to Stratford Upon Avon it really offers the opportunity to experience all the best from both sides.

From the fascinating past of industrialization in Birmingham to the gorgeous countryside of Warwickshire which has vast areas of land are left unexplored. It is possible to sit back and unwind while passing charming villages, working farms stations, waterways and other villages that form Shakespeare’s county.

Depending on the time of day and the weather, you also will be served a delectable dinner along with your trip. From a hearty English breakfast, to a freshly prepared Roast Dinner complete with trimmings. If you’re traveling during the afternoon, you’ll be able to enjoy another popular British tradition, High Tea. There is a wide range of wines soft drinks, soft drinks and alcohol drinks are also readily available. If you’re looking for an enjoyable day to unwind and unwind take a look!

6. Escape Games

Ecape Room

For adults only The Escape Games are quickly spreading across the UK. They take the locked in a room-style games an extra step. A maximum of six players are locked into the room where the story unfolds among them.

One of the most well-known involves being an undercover police officer who is trapped by triads in a room and given a time limit to escape. Another one, which is not for the faint-hearted is a murder that takes place in a haunted home. This is sure to provide any of the best of puzzle-lovers on the road an opportunity to test their skills! Prices fluctuate through the year and it’s a good idea to check before making your plans.

7. Winterbourne House and Garden

Winterbourne House and Garden

The most appealing aspect about Birmingham is the variety of gorgeous homes and gardens are available as well. Winterbourne House is at the very top of the list. It has been restored back to the original Edwardian period arts and crafts elegance, it has proven that it is a unique attraction in the world of heritage.

The visitor can explore the interior of the building and admire the collection of antiques or stroll through the gorgeous botanical gardens that contain more than 6000 plants across the globe. Within the grounds , you’ll see anything from a woodland walk which has many routes to a 1930’s-style Japanese bridge.

8. Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

If you are a parent traveling with kids Do you encounter that because of differences in tastes, keeping your children engaged in museums is difficult? This museum could be the one to win everyone over. It has beautiful art exhibits social history, archaeology, and ethnography, there is something for all.

It encompasses the entire span of European culture and history, and is also the home of important collections from around the world. Enter the museum and you’ll find all kinds of things, from the most valued collection of Anglo-Saxon gold to the most well-known assortment of full Indian bronze artifacts.

For those who are not archaeologists like you, there’s an entire collection of Egyptian coffins and mummies, we recommend that you take a look at the latest exhibits before you go All through the year, dinosaur exhibits will be popping up!

9. Birmingham Hippodrome

The perfect complement to the creativity that Birmingham offers is the Hippodrome as stated by The Independent, ‘Birmingham Hippodrome pantomimeis, thank God always among the best anywhere’.

The popular pantomime venue hosts all kinds of opera and ballet and even family pantomimes as well as comedy. It’s worth looking at what’s going on while you’re traveling and they’ll even offer seats that can be used by children who have to sit in front of taller guests. For adults, you can pre-order your interval drinks to be purchased in any of the bars that are available for you to pick up at the entrance which means you don’t have to wait in a long line.

If you arrive early enough before the show is scheduled to begin you will find that they also possess their very own private restaurant with a stellar rating that is will be open for two hours prior to every show. However, the menus are formulated at least a month prior to the show which is why it’s worth looking at their website before you go!

10. Sheldon Country Park

If all you want is a gorgeous walk then you’re in the right place. The park is located in 300 acres of wide grassland, wetlands and old hedgerows and a few older woodlands, Sheldon Country Park is an ideal spot for long and short walks. Certain walks are designed specifically for 2km to 5km trails, but there are also shorter ones. In the main entrance to the park, you will discover The Old Rectory Farm, a dairy farm from the 17th century.

The farm has been fully restored and functions as an exhibit farm, demonstrating urban dwellers the traditional ways of farming. The animals that are kept on the farm include Jersey cattle and pigs as well as goats, pigs ponies, chickens, and ducks. There are also lots of fun activities for children of all ages particularly in spring when the chicks and ducklings are present!

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