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10 Best Places to Visit in the UK

The United Kingdom, comprised of England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, is an eclectic, traditional, and completely modern country that blends centuries of history and industry with the most innovative structures and entertainment venues around the globe. Whatever you like you’ll be able to effortlessly travel back to the times of Shakespeare and the past or experience some of the best of the diverse nightlife that is available in all cities across the country.

Not to be overlooked is the local cuisine and produce, which is often disregarded, and now seeing an emergence as traditional recipes and culinary practices are making their way to menus across all over the United Kingdom. Let’s take a take a look at the best places to go to throughout this part of the UK!

1. London

The famous quote from Samuel Johnson, ‘When a man is bored of London the city, he’s tired of life. London is the Capital city in England, London is one of the most varied and fascinating cities on the planet that effortlessly blends historical landmarks with cutting-edge restaurants, bars and nightlife.

Take a trip to see all the iconic tops such as Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London as well as Big Ben, as well as a ride up the London Eye to take in the view of the River Thames. After dark, enjoy some of the most exquisite dining experiences around the globe with an array of Michelin restaurant reviews and if you’re seeking out traditional dishes make sure you have cream tea with scones and clotted crème. We also have a guide on the best activities to enjoy within London.

2. Cornwall

Tourists visit Cornwall to explore more than 300 miles of turbulent coastline, with sand dunes that roll in the wind along with rocky cliffs and the medieval-style architecture. Climbing, rambling or just enjoying a picnic on beaches that are secluded or in meadows dotted with flowers are common activities here. Or the brave can take on body-boarding or surfing since Cornwall is regarded as the best surf spot across the United Kingdom due to its turbulent seas and perfectly-made barrels.

The region has been a popular destination for artists, painters and writers who have drawn inspiration from the beautiful and rugged landscape. You might get a glimpse of the main character in a great British novel while you walk through the deserted and beautiful moors.

3. The Lake District

It is often thought to be the best most desirable destination in order to enjoy the most breathtaking landscapes in England It is true that the Lake District doesn’t disappoint, with the lush green valleys and the sprawling forests. The region is well-known by its glacial lake therefore if you’re an avid lover of the outdoors, you could choose an easy stroll through the countryside and more strenuous treks or wanders through the rolling hills.

While exploring the region , you’ll come across charming villages and towns full of local pubs, local inns and eateries serving local cuisine and the sunshine in the Lake District has long attracted artists and painters, which means that you can find an array of art galleries for those looking to take a piece the area home.

4. Brighton

Tourists can walk through typical British beaches with donkey rides, as well as enjoy fish and chips while looking out over the ocean. On the other hand, Brighton is also a peaceful and friendly city that hosts to every year’s Gay Pride March, and the home of bohemian neighborhoods which host flea markets as well as alternative pop-up events.

5. Bath

Bath is derived its name because of the roman baths which are scattered throughout the city, and were once the most popular getaway for people of the British elite who flocked to the area to experience the healing effects of the water. Tourists here can still take advantage of the original baths and a variety of small museums located in traditional structures that have been restored typically the city’s famous Georgian terraces like One Royal Crescent.

Bath is rapidly becoming famous as a destination that offers gourmet dining which will please the foodies visiting however, for something more traditional, take a look at the famous Bath buns, which are sweet dough balls that are sprinkled with sugar.

6. Edinburgh

The capital city of Scotland, Edinburgh is a perfect blend of modern and old and is simultaneously an old city that is still home to ancient architecture as well as the iconic Edinburgh Castle that watches over the city, in addition to thrilling nightlife, festivals and modern museums.

Alongside Gothic structures in The Old Town which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, there are also discover new eateries that showcase what is the best in traditional Scottish dishes like haggis, but and scotch eggs with modern touches as well. Edinburgh is also known for its events of the arts and literature like Edinburgh Fringe. Edinburgh Fringe.

If you’re a nightclub lover, there’s a lively nightlife scene and bar culture in this city or if you happen be in town during New Year you can witness Hogmanay which is a traditional Scottish celebration that features fireworks balls and the parade.

7. Birmingham

As the second-largest city Birmingham located situated in the Midlands is a place to offer everyone. The city is known as an industrial area. Birmingham isn’t awash in historic architecture and beautiful attractions, but it makes the up-front effort by offering plenty of shops and modern structures with often bizarre designs, such as the Selfridge’s structure.

The arts are well-represented In Birmingham with museums, art galleries and festivals, as well as an enthralling nightlife scene in the streets of Birmingham. If you’re looking to sample some of the local food you should try it. Birmingham is said to be the birthplace of the Balti curry. You are able to visit the Balti Triangle comprising more than fifty curry establishments to experience the local delicacy in person.

8. Manchester

Sometimes called England’s ‘Second city’ or’Capital of the North often, Manchester can be in fact where you will find the Manchester United football team, making it the perfect spot for those who love sports to visit however, the city also is also among the top vibrant cities of the United Kingdom so there is everything to be enjoyed by everyone in this city.

The city was founded in the 1970s. Manchester is the home of a huge Chinatown with many among the best Chinese food available in the nation.

There is also the well-known LGBT area which is centered in Canal Street, known as “The Village,” one of the biggest known gay groups in Europe. If you’re looking to sample Indian cuisine, which is more well-known across Britain than fish and chips, then you must visit the Curry Mile. United Kingdom now than fish and chips, then you’ll be awed by The Curry Mile, a line of Indian restaurants that stretch over 800 meters.

9. Llandudno

Llandudno’s main claim to the title of the biggest seaside resort located in Wales and with that in mind, visitors come to enjoy the rugged coastline of the North Shore and Llandudno Bay.

As you can imagine, there is a wide array of activities for sea lovers to take in like Llandudno Pier that features all the classic seaside activities such as fairground rides and arcade games and stands and shops that sell Welsh seaside food.

If you’d like to take a more historic walking tour of the city, you can take a walk called The Town Trail, or if you are looking for a more modern aspects of things, take a stroll along the main road that runs along Mostyn Street for shopping and eating options that are plentiful.

10. Belfast

The capital in Northern Island, Belfast is a city with an impressive and long-running background that ensures there are plenty of activities that visitors can take advantage of here. For a comprehensive overview about the history and culture of this city, it is possible to visit Belfast’s Cathedral Quarter where you can explore to your heart’s content or just stroll down the cobblestone streets that run through the city while taking into the surroundings.

A must-do is the trip to an Irish pub for a taste of the well-known black beer, Guinness, that really helped to put Ireland in the spotlight. If you’re also keen on the local cuisine be sure to sample Irish stew.

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